Sevens Series Competition Format Released

01/15/2015, 3:00pm ESTBy MTB

Maximum of 16 teams to compete in each event

For each tournament, there will be a maximum of 16 teams divided into four pools of up to four teams, who play a round-robin within the pool. Points are awarded in each pool on a different schedule from most rugby tournaments—3 for a win, 2 for a draw, 1 for a loss, 0 for a no-show. In case teams are tied after pool play, the tiebreakers are:

1.   Head-to-head result between the tied teams.

2.   Difference in points scored and allowed during pool play.

3.   Difference in tries scored and allowed during pool play.

4.   Points scored during pool play.

5.   Coin toss.

Pools will be created so that SCRC teams are evenly distributed throughout the event and seeded based on 2014 sevens results.  Non-SCRC teams will be placed in pools based on division and historical strength. 

Four trophies are awarded in each tournament. In descending order of prestige, they are the Cup, whose winner is the overall tournament champion, Plate, Bowl and Shield.

A consolation match will be conducted between the losing semifinalists in each tournament division.

Final Standings shall be as follows (* indicates trophy presented):

  1. Cup Winner *
  2. Cup Finalist *
  3. Cup Consolation Winner *
  4. Cup Consolation Finalist
  5. Plate Winner *
  6. Plate Finalist
  7. Plate Consolation Winner
  8. Plate Consolation Finalist
  9. Bowl Winner *
  10. Bowl Finalist
  11. Bowl Consolation Winner
  12. Bowl Consolation Finalist
  13. Shield Winner *
  14. Shield Finalist
  15. Shield Consolation Winner
  16. Shield Consolation Finalist

Sample Schedule

9:00 AM               A1 v A4                 B1 v B4
9:25 AM               A2 v A3                 B2 v B3
9:50 AM               C1 v C4                  D1 v D4
10:15 AM             C2 v C3                  D2 v D3
10:40 AM             A1 v A3                 B1 v B3
11:05 AM             A2 v A4                 B2 v B4
11:30 AM             C1 v C3                  D1 v D3
11:55 AM             C2 v C4                  D2 v D4
12:20 PM             A1 v A2                 B1 v B2
12:45 PM             A3 v A4                 B3 v B4
1:10 PM                C1 v C2                 D1 v D2
1:35 PM                C3 v C4                 D3 v D4

3:00 PM                Shield SF              Shield SF
3:25 PM                Bowl SF                Bowl SF
3:50 PM                Plate SF                Plate SF
4:15 PM                Cup SF                  Cup SF
4:40 PM                Shield Final         Shield Consolation
5:05 PM                Bowl Final            Bowl Consolation
5:30 PM                Plate Final           Plate Consolation
6:00 PM                Cup Final              Cup Consolation