SCRC Looks Forward to Fall 2021

The SCRC faces the fall of 2021 with great expectation. Last fall was a bust due to Covid-19 and member teams are ready to play. The schedule is available to view here.

Commissioner Bradley is monitoring member teams to determine if there will be limitations to competition this fall because of the Delta Variant. Stay tuned.

Here are the highlights from Commissioner Bradley’s recent email to conference members.

2021-2022 Global Law Trials
All conferences and teams with USA Rugby at the adult level are playing under the Global Law Trials this fall and that includes the Southeastern Collegiate Rugby Conference.  These are significant so each team needs to familiarize themselves with the changes.

USA Rugby
All players and coaches will again be required to register with USA Rugby.  Same process as last year and player and coach registration system is up and running. 

Team Participation Agreement
Each team must sign and return the SCRC Team Participation Agreement.

Player Eligibility Form Completed by the Registrar
Due prior to your first conference match.  Player Name, Student #, Date of Birth and HS Graduation Date must be typed into the form and include player signature.  Handwritten forms will not be accepted.  Forms not in alphabetical order will require additional time to validate which may affect  match day eligibility.  Registrar should complete their section (may be handwritten), add seal and sign. This document also must include the Recsports signature.  Supplemental forms may be submitted as new players join your club.
Email the completed form to


Player Eligibility Waiver Request

This form is required for any player outside of the standard eligibility policy including part time, grad student, 6th year, 7th year, consortium agreement or military waiver.  This form should also be typed (fillable PDF) and supporting documentation must be included for consideration.  Please note this is a request and not an actual waiver.  Confirmation of approved waiver will be provided to the student athlete and the club.

Email Completed forms to:


Player Eligibility Policy and all forms may be found on the website at:

We are looking forward to the competition. Stay tuned!