Eligibility – Players must prove eligibility before you are allowed to play a conference match. – Eligibility requirements and paperwork are found here.

Match Reports – Members shall report the results of conference matches on the proper Match Report Form. The form should be filled out prior to the commencement of the match and should be signed off by the coach/captain and referee immediately following the match. The winner shall secure the forms for both teams and turn them into the conference office within 24 hours. You can download the Match Report Form here.

Medical – Each Participating Team should have an athletic trainer at matches. Host Teams may provide (but are not required) an athletic trainer to assist the visiting team on match day and may pass any expenses on to the traveling team. Host teams are
required to have the appropriate medical staff available for the entirety of the game and any reserve match but are not required to provide preventative athletic training to visiting team unless prearranged.

Protective Equipment and Clothing – Guidelines for what is allowed regarding clothing and protective equipment during rugby competition is articulated in the guidelines that you will find here.


Pitch preparation – SCRC has endorses the USA Rugby pitch set design which includes the Technical Zone and Sideline Management Guidelines. This design allows for a technical zone between the two benches of players with the fans on the opposite side of the field. Teams should endeavor to comply with the requirements for properly setting the pitch. You can download the Technical Zone and Sideline Management Guidelines here.