2023 SCRC 15s Awards

2023 Fall SCRC All Conference awards have been announced along with the Coach and Player of the year for each division.

Division 1AA (26)

Will Meckauskas, Kentucky
Holden Hahn, Kentucky
Tyler Walenga, Kentucky
Gage Curry, Kentucky
Matthew Beacom, Tennessee
Brendan Bibb, Tennessee
Grant Howard, South Carolina
Erik Elken, South Carolina
Andrew Townley, Alabama
Jacob Floresca, Alabama
Jack Madden, Georgia
Bryce Moberly, Auburn

Jack Phillips, Kentucky
Luke Keough, Kentucky
John Hall, Kentucky
Luke Mathis, Tennessee
Matthew McGettigan, Tennessee
Brendan O’Neill, Tennessee
Jack van Vliet, South Carolina
Dan Golden, 12, South Carolina
Tom Kendall, Alabama
Paulie Malito, Alabama
Justin Wade, Clemson
Cole Rinklin, Clemson
Baylor Williams, Clemson
Connor Westbrook, Georgia
Blake Bibb, Kennesaw State

Division 2 (15)

Harry Hagan, Memphis
Musa Banat, Memphis
Jalen McKinzie, Memphis
Jacob Queen, Tennessee Tech
Eric Tran, Tennessee Tech
Riley Mahony, Louisiana Tech
Kadin Ohmer, Louisiana Tech
Charlie Batterson, Ole Miss

Conor Dempsey, Memphis
Sehrab Bagha, Memphis
Caleb Schmidt, Memphis
Todd Harris, Tennessee Tech
Erik Motykowski, Tennessee Tech
Max Mouret, Tennessee Tech
Hudson Przybyski, Ole Miss

Small College (19)

Allen Pennington, Southeastern LA
Jeffrey Bell, Southeastern LA
Dondi Davis, Southeastern LA
Matthew Kilma, North Alabama
Shoma Maeda, North Alabama
John Pickford, Sewanee
Mason Ware, Sewanee
James Murff, Sewanee
Charlie Dewitt, Vanderbilt
Nolan Connerty, Vanderbilt
Mitch Finkelstein, Vanderbilt

Felix Hamilton-Marino, Southeastern LA
Michael Kennedy, Southeastern LA
Charlie Joe Rosemeyer, Sewanee
Carlos Madrid, Sewanee
Gibson Egan, Vanderbilt
Nick Teague, Vanderbilt
Tyler Pierce, Valdosta State
Ronnie Nelson, Valdosta State

D1AA Coach of the Year
Sam Enari, Kentucky

D1AA Player of the Year
Jack Phillips, Kentucky

Division 2 Coach of the Year
Dave Hill, Memphis

Division 2 Player of the Year
Conor Dempsey, Memphis

Small College Coach of the Year
Mark Dixon, Southeastern Louisiana

Small College Player of the Year
Allen Pennington, Southeastern Louisiana

2022 SCRC 15s Awards

The Southeastern Collegiate Rugby Conference has announced the end of season awards and All Conference selections for 2022.

Coaches of the Year

Division I
Scott Tungay, Tennessee

Division II
Nick Prather, Auburn

Nick Prather & Scott Tungay

2022 Players of the Year

Division I
Josh Shetler, Tennessee

Division II
Dale Hartman, Auburn

Josh Shetler & Dale Hartman

2022 All Conference

SCRC Division I

Division I All Conference

SCRC Division II

Division II All Conference

2021 SCRC 15s Awards

The 2021 SCRC XVs All Conference team for both Division I and Division II have been announced. Selections were based on nominations from teams across the conference with each team nominating players from their own team plus also recognizing top players from their opponents throughout the fall campaign.

Tennessee’s Greg Janowick is the 2021 SCRC Division I Player of the Year and Auburn’s Niko Spino is the SCRC Division II Player of the Year.

Division I 1st Team

  1. Braxton Heard (Tennessee)
  2. Chris O’Sullivan (Georgia)
  3. Taye Olaganju (Georgia)
  4. Greg Janowick (Tennessee)
  5. Josh Bryant (Kentucky)
  6. Wyatt Kelley (Kentucky)
  7. Aidan Gill (Kentucky)
  8. Reid Brandt (Clemson)
  9. Luke Davies (Tennessee)
  10. Marcus McClain (Tennessee)
  11. Austin White (Tennessee)
  12. Keaton Mauldin (Clemson)
  13. Josh Shetler (Tennessee)
  14. Cole Rinklin (Clemson)
  15. Chris Aurich (Clemson)

Division I 2nd Team
Tyler Walenga (Prop, Kentucky)
Jayden Elwood (Center, Kentucky)
Connor Bradley (Flanker, Georgia)
Brian Acklen (Scrumhalf, Georgia)
Rob Cleland (Fullback, Georgia)
Graham Wallace (#8, Tennessee)
Tom Pelini (Center, Tennessee)
Jack Rath (Fullback, Tennessee)
Grant Howard (8-man, South Carolina)
Dan Golden (Center, South Carolina)
John Golden (Center, South Carolina)
Cole Frank (Lock, Clemson)
Tom Goodall (Flyhalf, Clemson)
Harry Robinson (Lock, Clemson)

Division II 1st team

  1. Garrett Newman (Auburn)
  2. Musa Banat (Memphis)
  3. Tully Day (Prop, Memphis)
  4. Jon Legrand (Auburn)
  5. Liam Scott (Memphis)
  6. Virgil Pryor (Memphis)
  7. Colby Pearl (MTSU)
  8. Austin Kosco (Auburn)
  9. Mark Dunn (Auburn)
  10. Josh Scott (Memphis)
  11. David Osayi (Georgia Tech)
  12. Niko Spino (Auburn)
  13. Carter Sharon (Georgia Tech)
  14. Jon Snipes (Auburn)
  15. Frankie Quintero (MTSU)

Division II 2nd Team 
Joe Obroki, (Flanker, Auburn)
James Richardson (hooker, Auburn)
Mason Poje (Fullback, Auburn)
Tyler Watson (Center, Memphis)
Erick Turner (Georgia Tech)
Mitchell Blair (Georgia Tech)
Ethan Damiani (Fullback, Georgia Tech)
Ben Rahimitabar (Hooker, Georgia Tech)
John Budd (Flyhalf, Ole Miss)
Hudson Smith (Center, Ole Miss)
Nick Storer (Scrumhalf, Ole Miss)
Pierre Millard Burruss (Prop, Miss State)
Ethan Ruiz (Wing, Miss State)
Jalen Greatrex (Center, MTSU)
Jaxon Wallace (#8, MTSU)

Closing Fall 2021

The final week of the regular season will firm up the playoffs on 11/13.  In Div I we know its Georgia at Tennessee and Kentucky v Clemson.   In Div II it appears Memphis, Auburn, and Georgia Tech are in and its MTSU or Ole Miss in the 4th spot.  Overall order of finish still has to be settled this weekend.

Standings:  https://southeasternrugby.org/schedule/

Championship Weekend
The SCRC Championship on 11/20 will be held in conjunction with the NCR Div IAA and Div II playoffs in Knoxville.   On Friday there will be two NCR matches for Div 1 and two matches for Div II.  On Saturday, they will play consolation matches.  SCRC Div II championship match is set to kickoff at noon on Saturday.   SCRC Div I championship is set to kickoff at 3 PM.  On Sunday NCR will play two matches that will be the winners of Friday’s matches. 

National Playoffs
On the weekend of December 4/5 the SCRC Div I and Div II champion will play in Charlotte as part of a larger collegiate rugby event.   Our SCRC Div I champion will play the MAC Div I Champion for the 2021 Fall USA Collegiate Division I Club Rugby Championship.  Our SCRC Div II champion will play the Rocky Mountain Conference Div II Champion (Montana State) for the 2021 Fall USA Collegiate Division II Club Rugby Championship

2021 Fall in Full Swing

SCRC Playoffs

Tentative plan is for the top 4 teams to meet at a central location on the weekend of November 20/21.  If we limp to the finish line in our competition in Div I or Div II we may be forced to drop that to 2 teams per division.  Please contact Commissioner Bradley at the below listed contact info if you are interested in hosting. Remember this is a rain or shine event.  It could be as many as 4 matches on Saturday and 2 on Sunday or as little as 2 matches on Saturday.  SCRC pays the reasonable expenses associated with hosting of the event.  We hope to be able to announce a venue before October 09.

Match Reports
Each team must submit a match report that contains legible information on the participants and signed by the team representative and referee.  Winning team is responsible to submitting both teams match reports.   In the event of a tie, they should be submitted by the home team.  Get this done on Monday following the match weekend.

Match Day Medical
Each Participating Team should have an athletic trainer at matches. Host Teams may provide (but are not required to provide) an athletic trainer to assist the visiting team on match day and may pass any expenses on to the traveling team. Host teams are required to have the appropriate medical staff available for the entirety of the match and any reserve match but are not required to provide preventative athletic training to visiting team unless prearranged.  Matches should not kick off prior to verifying there is medical coverage that has the ability to tend to any injuries during the match.  If teams agree to kick off before medical coverage is verified, those teams play at their own risk and liability.  I have been told explicitly by referee societies that it is not the referee’s job to verify medical coverage so it is the responsibility of the teams.  If you arrive at a venue and medical coverage is not present, the home team should be given a reasonable amount of time to cure the situation.  But, please remember, the requirement is for the host to have medical on site in the event of injury during the match; not to tape ankles or thighs of the visiting team (unless prearranged). 

Field set up and markings

All fields should be lined and an attempt made to comply with the USA Rugby Technical Zone and Sideline Management Guidelines.  Most teams play on their school’s rec fields so this sometimes can be a challenge, particularly if you play on turf.  There are most likely multiple sports lines on turf fields so the host team should use cones and flags to assist in making the rugby lines as identifiable as possible.  And, on turf the posts may be on the end line instead of the try line so visiting teams should always take time to review the field layout prior to kickoff.  Under no circumstances should fans and supporters have access to the area behind the team benches. 

Match Day Info: https://southeasternrugby.org/game-day/

Current Standings: https://southeasternrugby.org/schedule/

SCRC Looks Forward to Fall 2021

The SCRC faces the fall of 2021 with great expectation. Last fall was a bust due to Covid-19 and member teams are ready to play. The schedule is available to view here.

Commissioner Bradley is monitoring member teams to determine if there will be limitations to competition this fall because of the Delta Variant. Stay tuned.

Here are the highlights from Commissioner Bradley’s recent email to conference members.

2021-2022 Global Law Trials
All conferences and teams with USA Rugby at the adult level are playing under the Global Law Trials this fall and that includes the Southeastern Collegiate Rugby Conference.  These are significant so each team needs to familiarize themselves with the changes.

USA Rugby
All players and coaches will again be required to register with USA Rugby.  Same process as last year and player and coach registration system is up and running. 

Team Participation Agreement
Each team must sign and return the SCRC Team Participation Agreement.

Player Eligibility Form Completed by the Registrar
Due prior to your first conference match.  Player Name, Student #, Date of Birth and HS Graduation Date must be typed into the form and include player signature.  Handwritten forms will not be accepted.  Forms not in alphabetical order will require additional time to validate which may affect  match day eligibility.  Registrar should complete their section (may be handwritten), add seal and sign. This document also must include the Recsports signature.  Supplemental forms may be submitted as new players join your club.
Email the completed form to scrceligibility@gmail.com

Forms: https://southeasternrugby.org/eligibility/

Player Eligibility Waiver Request

This form is required for any player outside of the standard eligibility policy including part time, grad student, 6th year, 7th year, consortium agreement or military waiver.  This form should also be typed (fillable PDF) and supporting documentation must be included for consideration.  Please note this is a request and not an actual waiver.  Confirmation of approved waiver will be provided to the student athlete and the club.

Email Completed forms to: scrceligibility@gmail.com

Forms: https://southeasternrugby.org/eligibility/

Player Eligibility Policy and all forms may be found on the website at: https://southeasternrugby.org/eligibility/

We are looking forward to the competition. Stay tuned!

SCRC Evaluates Affiliation Options

SCRC Conference Commissioner Marty Bradley has been spending hours calling, talking, thinking and evaluating options for affiliation for the SCRC since the collapse of USA Rugby. The possibilities for conference affiliation are many, each one with opportunities and challenges.

We are grateful for the work of Marty on these important matters for the conference. He hopes to bring proposals to the conference Board of Directors at our next meeting that is scheduled for late May.

USA Rugby Cancels Competitions

USA Rugby canceled all post season play in the USA. On March 20th they issued the following statement.

All sanctioned competition and rugby activities are suspended for the foreseeable future, effective March 20, 2020. Members and clubs are asked to refrain from match play, training or team gatherings during this period. Accident and Liability claims will not be accepted during the above window of time. Information on when rugby activities will potentially be able to resume will be communicated by USA Rugby before June 1.”

SCRC Commissioner Marty Bradley noticed member teams that the conference Olympic Rugby tournament would be cancelled for 2020. It will not be rescheduled.

2019 All Conference Teams Announced

The Southeastern Collegiate Rugby Conference has announced the selections to the 2019 All Conference Teams.

This year, the conference has selected an all-conference team from the D1AA competition, an all-conference team from the DII competition, and an overall first 15 Dream Team.  Each team was given the opportunity to nominate players from their own team plus identify players from the fall competition that they then could also nominate.

Tennessee’s Ben Schwartz

The D1AA All-Conference team is lead by a very talented group of men, including Kennesaw State’s Ben Dorsey at center, Kentucky’s Brendon Esson at flyhalf and Tennessee’s Ben Schwartz at fullback.   Forward standouts include locks Greg Janowick (UT) and Campbell Robinson (KSU), and Alabama’s Ethan Miner at Flanker.

The DII All-Conference team is led in the forwards by Memphis’  front rowers Austin Kelley and Musa Banat, along with Auburn’s Jerome Bohuslavizki at #8.  Standout backs included centers JJ Greatrex (MTSU), Calvin Gentry (Memphis) and Sam Delmerico (Georgia Tech).   

Memphis’ Austin Kelley

The 2019 15s D1AA Player of the Year is the University of Tennessee’s Ben Schwartz.  Schwartz (Senior Mechanical Engineering major from Knoxville, TN) led the Volunteers at fullback in a season that saw more teams than ever before turn to tactical kicking.  He capped the year with 16 points in the conference championship match (4 conversions, 1 penalty kick and 1 try).  The MVP of the conference championship match is also the 2019 SCRC D1AA Player of the Year.

The 2019 15s DII Player of the year is the University of Memphis’ Austin Kelley.  Kelley (Sophomore Pre-Law major from Collierville, TN) led the Tigers at prop in a season that saw Memphis win the SCRC DII regular season title and advance to the USA DII National round of 8.

2019 Dream Team

1Austin KelleyMemphis
2Dirk van den BergKentucky
3Nick BruneAlabama
4Greg JanowickTennessee
5Campbell RobinsonKennesaw St
6Ethan MinerAlabama
7Andy LloydTennessee
8Patrick BeacomTennessee
9Luke DaviesTennessee
10Brendan EssonKentucky
11Jacob GeoppnerKentucky
12Ben DorseyKennesaw St
13JJ GreatrexMTSU
14Chris BagbyKennesaw St
15Ben SchwartzTennessee

2019 SCRC D1AA All Conference

Caleb StrumAlabama
Matt PikowskiAlabama
Shea O’HanlonKennesaw State
Ben DorseyKennesaw State
Chris BagbyKennesaw State
Josh InglisKennesaw State
Brendon EssonKentucky
Jacob GoeppnerKentucky
Connor HoeferSouth Carolina
Luke HarrisSouth Carolina
Ben SchwartzTennessee
Luke DaviesTennessee
Ethan MinerAlabama
Nick BruneAlabama
Michael CurranGeorgia
Campbell RobinsonKennesaw State
Dirk van den BergKentucky
Anthony MenciniKentucky
Tommy MaxwellSouth Carolina
Greg JanowickTennessee
Andy LloydTennessee
Patrick BeacomTennessee
Creighton CouchTennessee

2019 SCRC DII All Conference

Sam DelmericoGeorgia Tech
Brittin RoedelMemphis
Alec SiscoMemphis
Calvin GentryMemphis
John DentamoreMississippi State
Cam MassengilMississippi State
JJ GreatrexMTSU
Devauntae BeasleyMTSU
Jerome BohsulavizkiAuburn
Mason WilliamsonAuburn
Jermiah RussellGeorgia Tech
Andrew AllenGeorgia Tech
Jas PyneniGeorgia Tech
Austin KelleyMemphis
Musa BanatMemphis
Jason LeonardMississippi State
Colby PearlMTSU
Jaxon WallaceMTSU