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2019 SCRC All-Conference Awards Announced

Brendan Esson Repeats as Player of the Year

Brentan Esson Player of the Year

The Southeastern Collegiate Rugby Conference has announced the 2019 All-Conference team after the conclusion of the 2019 Championship.

Deservedly, the Kentucky Wildcats lead the way with 4 first team selections including SCRC Player of the Year Brendan Esson.  Esson repeats as POY having also claimed the title in 2017 while leading the Wildcats to the conference championship.

SCRC 1st Team

Ignacio GuisasolaAlabama
Caleb StrumAlabama
Harrison DulgarianAlabama
Obum Imonugo Georgia
Tim Mercado Georgia
Campbell RobinsonKennesaw State
Brendan EssonKentucky
Logan ButlerKentucky
Dirk van den BergKentucky
Nick PratherKentucky
Ben BergeronMTSU
Walker GrahamSouth Carolina
Isaac Harding-DavisSouth Carolina
Thomas McDonaldSouth Carolina
Dylan CravenTennessee
Keenan KayserTennessee
Greg JanowickTennessee

SCRC 2nd Team

Ben RogersAlabama
Robert CollinsAlabama
Charlie DuffyAuburn
Jerome BohuslavizkiAuburn
Brian RadcliffGeorgia
Josh InglisKennesaw State
Chris BagbyKennesaw State
Tucker DonlonKentucky
Grant BroederKentucky
Alex TurnerMTSU
 Loyd RogersMTSU
Micheal ChiarovanoSouth Carolina
Josh DarrellSouth Carolina
Nesto RivasTennessee
Duke CookTennessee

SCRC Honorable Mention

Donald BinnsAuburn
Zach St. GeorgeAuburn
Joel LarsonGeorgia
Graham ColeburnGeorgia
Julian(Elvis) PressleyKennesaw State
Dom DiGeronimoKentucky
Austin BraunMTSU

2018 SCRC Olympic Rugby Championship

Gamecocks win 3rd Title

The 2018 Southeastern Olympic Rugby Championship was be held on April 07 in Knoxville at the Tennessee Rugby Park. South Carolina held off Kentucky in the final 7-5 to take their third title in as many years and claim the automatic bid to the Penn Mutual Collegiate Rugby Championship and the USA Rugby National Championship.

Pool A (1,6,9)

1. South Carolina
2. Georgia
3. Florida

Pool B (2,5,8)

1. Kentucky
2. Mississippi State
3. Auburn

Pool C (3,4,7)

1. Alabama
2. Tennessee
3. Ole Miss

Pool Play

09:00 AM   A2 v A3   Georgia 7, Florida 12
09:20 AM   B2 v B3   Miss State 0, Auburn 17
09:40 AM   C2 v C3   Tennessee 14, Ole Miss 10
10:00 AM   A1 v A2   South Carolina 24,Georgia 0
10:20 AM   B1 v B2   Kentucky 27, Miss State 5
10:40 AM   C1 v C2   Alabama 12, Tennessee 5
11:00 PM   A1 v A3   South Carolina 34, Florida 0
11:20 PM   B1 v B3   Kentucky 24, Auburn 0
11:40 PM   C1 v C3   Alabama 33, Ole Miss 0


1:00 PM   Game 1 (#8) Mississippi State 24, (#9)  Ole Miss 7
1:20 PM   Game 2 (#2) Kentucky 29, (#7) Georgia 12
1:40 PM   Game 3 (#3) Alabama 27, (#6) Florida 7 
2:00 PM   Game 4 (#4) Tennessee 12, (#5) Auburn 5
2:20 PM   Game 5 (#1) South Carolina 25, (W1) Miss State 0
3:00 PM   Game 6 (W2) Kentucky 14, (W3) Alabama 10
4:00 PM   Game 7 (W4) Tennessee 5, (W5) South Carolina 17
4:20 PM   Game 8 (L2) Georgia 10, (L3) Florida 29
4:40 PM   Game 9 (L4) Auburn 38, (L5) Mississippi State 12
5:00 PM   Game 10 (L6) Alabama 19, (L7) Tennessee 15 (3rd / 4th)
5:20 PM   Game 11 (L8) Georgia 14, (L9) Mississippi State 0 (7th / 8th)
5:40 PM   Game 12 (W8) Florida 5, (W9) Auburn 10 (5th / 6th)
6:00 PM   Game 13 SCRC Championship South Carolina 7, Kentucky 5

2018 Final Ranking

1. South Carolina
2. Kentucky
3, Alabama
4. Tennessee
5. Auburn
6. Florida
7. Georgia
8. Mississippi State
9. Ole Miss


Ranking Points

3 Pts    Win
2 Pts    Tie
1 Pt      Lose

Rank Determination

1.  Total Ranking Points

2.  Difference in points scored and allowed during pool play (point differential).

3.  Difference in number of tries scored and allowed during pool play.

4.  Points scored during pool play.

5.  Coin toss.

2017 SCRC All-Conference

Kentucky Sweeps Coach and Player of the Year

The Kentucky Wildcats lead the way with a total of 10 players selected as 2017 SCRC All-Conference. Kentucky’s Brendon Esson was selected as the 2017 Player of the Year and UK’s Gary Anderson received the well earned 2017 Coach of the Year. A total of 45 players were honored from 9 conference teams. 

2017 Player of the Year – Brendon Esson

Brendon Esson

Brendon attended High School at St Johns College in Harare, Zimbabwe before moving to Lexington in 2015.  Since joining the program Brendon has been a standout player and leader on and off the pitch, his leadership led him to be named team captain in 2017.  In this year’s SCRC Championship he scored twice including the go ahead score in the final minutes of the game.

2017 Coach of the Year – Gary Anderson

Coach Gary Anderson

Coach Anderson led the Kentucky Wildcats to their 1st ever SEC Championship going 12-0 on the season between the two sides. The key component to the wildcat’s success is the entirety of the coaching staff, Vince Gross, Scott Tungay, Jan DeBeer and Taylor Johnson. The staff does an outstanding job from recruiting quality talent to getting the student athletes to perform at their maximum level.

SCRC First Team

Front RowKeenan Kayser (UT)
Front RowTucker Donlon (UK)
Front RowShawn Dawley (UA)
LockIsaac Hamlin (UK)
LockNesto Rivas (UT)
Back RowCaleb Canter (UK)
Back RowDylan Craven (UT)
Back RowKerry Roberts (UT)
ScrumhalfTravis Vickers (UT)
FlyhalfBrendon Esson (UK)
Back  Shaq Suber (UK)
BackEli Warfield (UK)
BackChristian Harrell  (USC)
BackSean Barnes (USC)
BackIgnacio Guisasolo( UA)

SCRC Second Team

Front RowJames Campbell (UGA)
Front RowJosh Landon (UT)
Front RowJerome Bohuslavizki (AU)
LockBrandon Holmes (USC)
LockAshton Yates (MSU)
Back RowLogan Butler (UK)
Back RowMicah Stewart (USC)
Back RowTom Earl (UF)
ScrumhalfBrian Radcliff (UGA)
FlyhalfNicolae Toma (UM)
Back  Sam Hawkins (UT)
BackPorter Ramsey (UK)
Back Alex Schultz (MSU)
BackCaleb Strum (UA)
BackJohn Via (UT)

Honorable Mention

Rick Lafountain (UF)
Kolby O’Malley (UF)
Bobby Collins (UA)
Joel Larson (UGA)
Dom DiGeronimo (UK)
Kalon Gipson (UM)
Jacob Von Echenbach (AU)
Bobby Morgan (UA)
Chuck Deport (USC)
Mike Runion (UGA)
John Detamore (MSU)
Sameer Kahn (AU)
Josh Robertson (UM)
Michael Tomasin (MSU)
Dirk van den Berg (UK)

Wildcats Claim 2017 Title

Kentucky holds off Tennessee for well earned championship

The Kentucky Wildcats continued with an impressive display of rugby for the fall season and capped it off with the 2017 SCRC Championship.  The Wildcats defeated Alabama 40-22 in the semifinal and then topped Tennessee in the final 26-22.

Both teams now await the opportunity to compete in the USA D1AA National Championship Tournament which begins on November 18.


1. Prather
2. Van den Berg
3. Donlon
4. Diberonimo
5. Hamlin
6. Butler
7. Canter
8. Mencini
9. Broeder
10. Esson
11. Ra,seu
12. Suber
13. Warfield
14. Mare
15. Lewis
15. Yutio
17. Strasshofer
18. Roberts
19. Guigillia
20. Johnson
21. Binzer
22. Bryant
23. Eatheny

Scoring Summary

  1′ – UK TRY (Suber); Score: 5-0
  6′ – UT TRY (Roberts); Score: 5-5
26′ – UK TRY (Lewis) / CK (Esson); Score 12-5
34′ – UK TRY (Esson) / CK (Esson; Score 19-5
36′ – Yellow Card Kentucky (Butler)
37′ – UT TRY (Roberts) / CK (Davis); Score 19-12
44′ – Red Card Kentucky (Mencini)
66′ – Yellow Card Tennessee (McAfee)
67′ – UT TRY (Roberts); Score 19-17
68′ – Yellow Card Kentucky (Prather)
78′ – UK TRY (Esson) / CK (Esson); Score 26-17
80′ – UT TRY (Roberts); Score 26-22

Halftime: Kentucky 19, Tennessee 12
Full Time: Kentucky 26, Tennessee 22

Referee: Randall Johnson
Asst Referee: Ethan Rosenblum
Asst Referee: Brad Lokitz


1. Rivas
2. Couch               
3. Kayser
4. Janowick
5. Shaw
6. Landon
7. Craven
8. Roberts
9. Vickers
10. Hawkins
11. Leatherwood
12. Williams
13. John Via
14. Cook
15. Davis
16. McAfee
17. Montgomery
18. Beacom
19. Walter
20. Walker
21. Moseley
22. Griffin
23. Horak

2017 All-Tournament Team

Keenan Kayser,  Tennessee
Tucker Donlon,  Kentucky
Shawn Dawley,  Alabama
Isaac Hamlin, Kentucky
Brandon Holmes,  South Carolina
Dylan Craven,  Tennessee
Caleb Canter,  Kentucky
Kerry Roberts,  Tennessee

Travis Vickers,  Tennessee
Brendon Esson,  Kentucky
Shaq Suber,  Kentucky
Ignacio Guisasola, Alabama
Christian Harrell,  South Carolina
Caleb Strum,  Alabama
Sean Barnes,  South Carolina

Honorable Mention
Josh Landon,  Tennessee
Pat Feimer,  Alabama
Dirk van den Berg,  Kentucky
Micah Stewart,  South Carolina
Bobby Morgan,  Alabama
Logan Butler,  Kentucky
Sam Hawkins,  Tennessee
Eli Warfield,  Kentucky
Jacob Powers,  South Carolina
Nick Lewis,  Kentucky
John Via,  Tennessee

Kentucky and Tennessee Advance to Final

Vols over the Gamecocks 27-17 and Wildcats over Crimson Tide 40-22

The 2017 Southeastern Collegiate Rugby Conference Championship opened in exciting fashion as Tennessee and South Carolina battled in the early game and Alabama gave Kentucky a good run in the second. The event was hosted at the Tennessee Rugby Park in Knoxville.

Tennessee Tops South Carolina
November 04, 2017 (Knoxville, TN) – The Volunteers used a heavy dose of forward play and the UT backs were able to contain the explosive USC backline to take a hard fought 27-17 victory.  

Kentucky Sprints past Alabama
November 04, 2017 (Knoxville, TN)
 – The Wildcats used an expansive attack and seized the slightest of openings to run across 6 tries in route to a 40-22 victory. the Crimson Tide had good attacking ball throughout the contest but just couldn’t keep pace in the scoreline.

Tennessee 27, South Carolina 17


1. Rivas
2. Couch               
3. Kayser
4. Janowick
5. Shaw
6. Ransom 
7. Craven
8. Roberts
9. Vickers
10. Hawkins
11. Leatherwood
12. Beacom
13. Via
14. Cook
15. Davis
16. McAfee
17. Landon
18. Walker
19. Williams
20. Montgomery
21. Walter
22. Fine
23. Horak

Scoring Summary

12′ – UT TRY / CK; Score 7 – 0
22′ – SC PK; Score: 7 – 3
27′ – UT TRY; Score 12 – 3
39′ – SC TRY/CK; Score 12 – 10
45′ – UT TRY; Score 17 – 10
61′ – UT TRY; Score 22 – 10
64′ – SC TRY / CK; Score 22 – 17
75′ – UT TRY; Score 27 – 17

Halftime: Tennessee 12, South Carolina 10
Full Time: Tennessee 27, South Carolina 17

Referee:  Rob Halcomb
Asst Referee: Matt Noss
Asst Referee: Ben Dickinson

South Carolina

1. Corr
2. Hason
3. Matthews
4. McDonald
5. Holmes
6. Martinez
7. Larex
8. Cecchi
9. Callaham
10. Stiles
11. Harrell
12. Skulley
13. Burnes
14. Arrula
15. Powers
16. Claruz
17. Stewart
18. Depont
19. Thacker
20. Boslex
21. Hoeten
22. Chicrovano
23. Harris
24. Reid
25. Birchrell

Kentucky 40, Alabama 22


1. Prather
2. Van Den Berg
3. Donlon
4. DiGeronino
5. Hamlin
6. Canter
7. Butler
8. Mencini
9. Broeder
10. Essom
11. Ramsey
12. Suber
13. Warfield
14. Mare
15. Lewis
16. Yoho
17. Andres
18. Johnson
19. Guangula
20. Strasshofer
21. Bryant
22. Roberts
23. Eastherly 

Scoring Summary

10′ – UK TRY (12) / CK (10); 7-0
14′ – UA PK (12); 7-3
17′ – UK TRY (13) / CK (10);  14-3
36′ – UK TRY (2) / CK (10);  21-3
40′ – UA TRY (12) / CK (12);  21-10
44′ – UK TRY (13) / CK (10);  28-10
58′ – UK TRY (18);  33-10
63′ – UK TRY (13) / CK (10);  40-10
66′ – UA TRY (3);  40-15
78′ – UK Yellow Card (13)
80′ – UA TRY (7) / CK (12);  40-22

Halftime: Kentucky 21, Alabama 10
Full Time:  Kentucky 40, Alabama 22

Referee: Chris Gower
Asst Referee:  Ben Dickenson
Asst Referee: Ryan Miller


1. Rogers
2. Feimer
3. Dawley
4. Abbatiello
5. Collins
6. Ray
7. Carpenter
8. Morgan
9. Dulgarian
10. Kallas
11. Strum
12. Guisasola
13. Watson
14. Lewis
15. Waring
16. Boohaker
17. Feimer
18. Connors
19. Stokes
20. Meehan
21. Trout
22. Gangwer

Harrell Named SCRC 7s Player of the Year

Led USC to conference title and CRC appearance

7’s Player of the Year
Christian Harrell, South Carolina

A junior center from Enola, PA, Harrell is a USC Honor’s College student, double majoring in Finance and Supply Chain Management.

In high school, Harrell was a two-year varsity starter at Cumberland Valley, winning the PA State Championship, while also competing in varsity football during the off season.

While playing for South Carolina, Harrell is a 3-time All-Conference 15’s Team recipient, a 1-time All-Conference 7’s Team recipient, and was one of the top 50 backs of 2016 according to Goff Rugby Report.

Harrell has helped lead the Gamecocks to back-to-back Southeastern Rugby 7’s Championships and has represented South Carolina at the USA Rugby Collegiate 7’s Championship, as well as back-to-back Penn Mutual Collegiate Rugby Championships.

In 2017, Harrell has proven to be an essential asset to the Carolina backline in both skill and leadership, accounting for 26 tries across seven tournaments, to include 11 in the Gamecock’s 10-0 run of conference play, adding to their overall SCRC point differential of 308-41.

During the Penn Mutual Collegiate Rugby 7’s Championship (CRC), Harrell captained the Gamecocks to a Bowl Championship, giving the team its first winning record (4-2) and its first division victory in its three years of competing in the event, with wins over Tennessee, Delaware, Virginia Tech, and Clemson. In fact, the Gamecock’s only losses were to Indiana and Kutztown who finished 4th & 5th overall. Harrell scored two tries, though more importantly, played 80 of the 84 total tournament minutes.

The Gamecocks look forward to having him return for his senior year this fall.   

Gamecocks run through SCRC Championship in dominant fashion

South Carolina earns bid to Penn Mutual CRC

South Carolina played textbook sevens and held firm on defense for the entire day to claim the 2017 Southeastern Olympic Rugby Championship.  With the win the Gamecocks earn the SCRC bid to the 2017 Penn Mutual Collegiate Rugby Championship in Philadelphia.

Coach Steve Darnell’s boys controlled the pace and possession in every game on their way to the championship.  In the final USC jumped to a two try lead only to have UK knot the score just before the half.  The Gamecocks flexed their muscles to begin the second half and finished with a 26-12 victory and the conference championship.  

South Carolina now joins Tennessee in competing in the 2017 Penn Mutual Collegiate Rugby Championship in Philadelphia in June while Kentucky and Alabama both have their sites set on the USA Rugby National Championship Tournament set for May 19-21 in Glendale, Colorado.

Results of Pool Play

South Carolina33Mississippi State0
Kentucky32Mississippi  7
South Carolina40Georgia0
Alabama31Mississippi State5
South Carolina24Alabama5
Georgia24Mississippi State33


Bowl Semifinal
Mississippi State26Mississippi19
Cup Semifinal
South Carolina32Tennessee0
Shield Championship / 7th
Mississippi  19Auburn17
Bowl Championship / 5th
Mississippi State24Georgia14
Plate Championship / 3rd
Cup Championship / Final
South Carolina26Kentucky 12

Final Rankings

1. South Carolina
2. Kentucky
3. Alabama
4. Tennessee
5. Mississippi State
6. Georgia
7. Ole Miss
8. Auburn

All Conference Team

Barnes, SeanSouth Carolina
Butler, LoganKentucky
Coar, ThomasSouth Carolina
DeBoy, BrettSouth Carolina
Deppeerschmidt, RossAlabama
Fromm, EthanGeorgia
Guisasola, IggyAlabama
Harrell, ChristianSouth Carolina
Lackovic, JacobOle Miss
Leadingham, CJKentucky
Massengill, CameronMississippi State
Roberts, KerryTennessee
Sietz, ThomasAuburn
Suber, ShaqKentucky
Vickers, TravisTennessee

2017 Olympic Rugby Championship Set for Knoxville

8 teams compete for the Penn Mutual CRC Bid on Saturday

Eight Southeastern Conference schools compete on Saturday for the Southeastern Collegiate Olympic Rugby Championship in Knoxville.  The victor also earns an invite to the 2017 Penn Mutual Collegiate Rugby Championship held in Philadelphia in June along with a possible bid to the USA Rugby National Championship Tournament.

South Carolina enters the championship event as a decided favorite having overwhelmed the competition in the lone qualifying event held in Columbia on April 01.

1 South Carolina
2 Tennessee
3 Kentucky
4 Georgia
5 Alabama
6 Ole Miss
7 Auburn
8 Mississippi State

The first game of the day kicks off at 9 AM and the Championship is slated for 5 PM.  This year the championship is hosted by the University of Tennessee at the Tennessee Rugby Park in Knoxville.

Tennessee Rugby Park
8051 Oak Ridge Highway
Knoxville, Tennessee

The event will be streamed by Purple Moose Media so check by just prior to the event for details on viewing if you can’t make it to Knoxville to see it live.  Updates will also be posted throughout the day on Twitter at @SCRCRugby.  

SCRC All-Stars Claim Men’s Division Championship

2017 St Pat’s Rugby Tournament

The inaugural SCRC All-Star team competed in the 2017 St Pat’s Rugby Tournament in Savannah, Georgia on March 11 and 12.  Playing in the Senior Men’s Division, the team camp together to play some outstanding rugby on the weekend.  While only holding one selection camp and no practices the all-stars posted a 3-0 record to claim the division championship.  

Marty Bradley, Tennessee
Ken Simmons, Florida
Gary Kent, Kentucky
Dave Codevilla, Tennessee
Danny Depperschmidt, Alabama

Ross Depperschmidt, Center, Alabama
Bobby Morgan, Flanker, Alabama
Heath Ross, Flanker, Alabama
Iggy Guisasola, Flyhalf, Alabama
Bobby Collins, Lock, Alabama
Shawn Dawley, Prop, Alabama
James Puente, Scrumhalf, Alabama
Caleb Strum, Wing, Alabama

Roger Williams, Prop, Florida
Kyle Burnett, Scrumhalf, Florida
Jake Lackovic, Wing, Ole Miss
CJ Leadingham, Center, Kentucky
Kyle Peterson, Flanker, Kentucky
Logan Butler, Flanker, Kentucky
Shaq Suber, Fullback, Kentucky
Anthony Mencini, #8, Kentucky

Cameron Massengill, Center, MS State
Dentay Daniels, Fullback, MS State
Ashton Yates, Lock, MS State
Josh Landon, #8, Tennessee
Dylan Craven, Flanker, Tennessee
Kerry Roberts, Lock, Tennessee
Keenan Kayser, Prop, Tennessee
David Nuckolls, Wing, Tennessee

Game 1

Detroit Tradesmen II 12

1. Kayser
2. Landon
3. Dawley
4. Collins
5. Roberts
6. Craven
7. Peterson
8. Mencini
9. Burnett
10. Guisasola
11. Nuckolls
12. Depperschmidt
13. Leadingham
14. Lackovic
15. Suber

Rolling subs for this game so most players saw action.

Game 2

Cleveland II 05 

1. Kayser
2. Landon
3. Williams
4. Yates
5. Roberts
6. Ross
7. Morgan
8. Butler
9. Puente
10. Burnett
11. Strum
12. Depperschmidt
13. Massengill
14. Daniels
15. Suber

Rolling subs for this game so most players saw action


Rochester Aardvarks 0

1. Kayser
2. Landon
3. Dawley / Williams
4. Collins / Yates
5. Roberts / Craven
6. Morgan / Butler
7. Peterson / Ross
8. Craven / Mencini
9. Puente
10. Burnett
11. Nuckolls / Daniels
12. Depperschmidt / Leadingham
13. Leadingham / Massengill
14. Lackovic / Strum
15. Suber / Guisasola

Tournament Scoring Summary

4 Kyle Burnett
3 Bobby Morgan
3 James Puente
2 Ross Depperschmidt
2 Dentay Daniels
1 Shawn Dawley
1 Kerry Roberts
1 Cameron Massengill
1 Keenan Kayser
1 Dylan Craven
1 Logan Butler
1 Shaq Suber
1 CJ Leadingham
1 Iggy Guisasola
1 David Nuckolls

10/14 CJ Leadingham
9/10 Kyle Burnett

Conference All-Stars named for Savannah Tournament

02/19/2017, 6:30pm ESTBy MTB

Selection camp held for inaugural SCRC All-stars

Over 30 players attended a selection camp on Saturday for the inaugural Southeastern Collegiate All-star team that will travel to Savannah in March for the 2017 St Pattys Day Rugby Tournament.

26 players representing six SCRC teams have been invited to play in Savannah.

Special thanks to Atlanta Old White Rugby Club for hosting the camp and providing the tremendous hospitality. Also thanks to the Atlanta Renegades for providing an opponent for the afternoon scrimmage.  

The team is coached and managed by:

Marty Bradley, Tennessee
Ken Simmons, Florida
Gary Anderson, Kentucky
Danny Depperschmidt, Alabama
Dave Codevilla, Tennessee

Courtyard Savannah Midtown
6703 Abercorn Street
Savannah, GA

Ross DepperschmidtCenterAlabama
Bobby MorganFlankerAlabama
Heath RossFlankerAlabama
Iggy GuisasolaFlyhalfAlabama
Bobby CollinsLockAlabama
Shawn DawleyPropAlabama
James PuenteScrumhalfAlabama
Caleb StrumWingAlabama
Roger WilliamsPropFlorida
Kyle BurnettScrumhalfFlorida
CJ LeadinghamCenterKentucky
Kyle PetersonFlankerKentucky
Logan ButlerFlankerKentucky
Caleb CanterHookerKentucky
Shaq SuberFullbackKentucky
Anthony Mencini#8Kentucky
Elijah WarfieldWingKentucky
Cameron MassengillCenterMississippi State
Dentay DanielsFullbackMississippi State
Ashton YatesLockMississippi State
Jake LackovicWingOle Miss
Josh Landon#8Tennessee
Dylan CravenFlankerTennessee
Kerry RobertsLockTennessee
Keenan KayserPropTennessee
David NuckollsWingTennessee