About Us

The Southeastern Collegiate Rugby Conference

The Southeastern Collegiate Rugby Conference was formed in 2010 as an association of collegiate rugby programs with shared goals and characteristics.  The SCRC currently completes in NCR Collegiate D1, D2 and Small College (D3) divisions. Shared characteristics of our member programs include:

Club Sports
The teams of the SCRC are club sports organizations within the recreational sports departments of their university.  

Coaches may receive some compensation, stipends to cover travel and other coaching expenses but most coaches in the conference are not salaried full time positions.

Tuition waivers
Any tuition waivers/reduction (out of state or otherwise) are administered through the admissions office and are merit based on par with academic parameters available to the general student body. 

Some SCRC programs do offer single year scholarship awards but generally these awards are less than $5000 in value per year and have an academic qualifying component.