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2021 SCRC 15s Awards

The 2021 SCRC XVs All Conference team for both Division I and Division II have been announced. Selections were based on nominations from teams across the conference with each team nominating players from their own team plus also recognizing top players from their opponents throughout the fall campaign.

Tennessee’s Greg Janowick is the 2021 SCRC Division I Player of the Year and Auburn’s Niko Spino is the SCRC Division II Player of the Year.

Division I 1st Team

  1. Braxton Heard (Tennessee)
  2. Chris O’Sullivan (Georgia)
  3. Taye Olaganju (Georgia)
  4. Greg Janowick (Tennessee)
  5. Josh Bryant (Kentucky)
  6. Wyatt Kelley (Kentucky)
  7. Aidan Gill (Kentucky)
  8. Reid Brandt (Clemson)
  9. Luke Davies (Tennessee)
  10. Marcus McClain (Tennessee)
  11. Austin White (Tennessee)
  12. Keaton Mauldin (Clemson)
  13. Josh Shetler (Tennessee)
  14. Cole Rinklin (Clemson)
  15. Chris Aurich (Clemson)

Division I 2nd Team
Tyler Walenga (Prop, Kentucky)
Jayden Elwood (Center, Kentucky)
Connor Bradley (Flanker, Georgia)
Brian Acklen (Scrumhalf, Georgia)
Rob Cleland (Fullback, Georgia)
Graham Wallace (#8, Tennessee)
Tom Pelini (Center, Tennessee)
Jack Rath (Fullback, Tennessee)
Grant Howard (8-man, South Carolina)
Dan Golden (Center, South Carolina)
John Golden (Center, South Carolina)
Cole Frank (Lock, Clemson)
Tom Goodall (Flyhalf, Clemson)
Harry Robinson (Lock, Clemson)

Division II 1st team

  1. Garrett Newman (Auburn)
  2. Musa Banat (Memphis)
  3. Tully Day (Prop, Memphis)
  4. Jon Legrand (Auburn)
  5. Liam Scott (Memphis)
  6. Virgil Pryor (Memphis)
  7. Colby Pearl (MTSU)
  8. Austin Kosco (Auburn)
  9. Mark Dunn (Auburn)
  10. Josh Scott (Memphis)
  11. David Osayi (Georgia Tech)
  12. Niko Spino (Auburn)
  13. Carter Sharon (Georgia Tech)
  14. Jon Snipes (Auburn)
  15. Frankie Quintero (MTSU)

Division II 2nd Team 
Joe Obroki, (Flanker, Auburn)
James Richardson (hooker, Auburn)
Mason Poje (Fullback, Auburn)
Tyler Watson (Center, Memphis)
Erick Turner (Georgia Tech)
Mitchell Blair (Georgia Tech)
Ethan Damiani (Fullback, Georgia Tech)
Ben Rahimitabar (Hooker, Georgia Tech)
John Budd (Flyhalf, Ole Miss)
Hudson Smith (Center, Ole Miss)
Nick Storer (Scrumhalf, Ole Miss)
Pierre Millard Burruss (Prop, Miss State)
Ethan Ruiz (Wing, Miss State)
Jalen Greatrex (Center, MTSU)
Jaxon Wallace (#8, MTSU)