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2021 Fall in Full Swing

SCRC Playoffs

Tentative plan is for the top 4 teams to meet at a central location on the weekend of November 20/21.  If we limp to the finish line in our competition in Div I or Div II we may be forced to drop that to 2 teams per division.  Please contact Commissioner Bradley at the below listed contact info if you are interested in hosting. Remember this is a rain or shine event.  It could be as many as 4 matches on Saturday and 2 on Sunday or as little as 2 matches on Saturday.  SCRC pays the reasonable expenses associated with hosting of the event.  We hope to be able to announce a venue before October 09.

Match Reports
Each team must submit a match report that contains legible information on the participants and signed by the team representative and referee.  Winning team is responsible to submitting both teams match reports.   In the event of a tie, they should be submitted by the home team.  Get this done on Monday following the match weekend.

Match Day Medical
Each Participating Team should have an athletic trainer at matches. Host Teams may provide (but are not required to provide) an athletic trainer to assist the visiting team on match day and may pass any expenses on to the traveling team. Host teams are required to have the appropriate medical staff available for the entirety of the match and any reserve match but are not required to provide preventative athletic training to visiting team unless prearranged.  Matches should not kick off prior to verifying there is medical coverage that has the ability to tend to any injuries during the match.  If teams agree to kick off before medical coverage is verified, those teams play at their own risk and liability.  I have been told explicitly by referee societies that it is not the referee’s job to verify medical coverage so it is the responsibility of the teams.  If you arrive at a venue and medical coverage is not present, the home team should be given a reasonable amount of time to cure the situation.  But, please remember, the requirement is for the host to have medical on site in the event of injury during the match; not to tape ankles or thighs of the visiting team (unless prearranged). 

Field set up and markings

All fields should be lined and an attempt made to comply with the USA Rugby Technical Zone and Sideline Management Guidelines.  Most teams play on their school’s rec fields so this sometimes can be a challenge, particularly if you play on turf.  There are most likely multiple sports lines on turf fields so the host team should use cones and flags to assist in making the rugby lines as identifiable as possible.  And, on turf the posts may be on the end line instead of the try line so visiting teams should always take time to review the field layout prior to kickoff.  Under no circumstances should fans and supporters have access to the area behind the team benches. 

Match Day Info:

Current Standings: