2015 SCRC Olympic Rugby Championship Competition Format

01/15/2015, 2:30pm ESTBy MTB

8 SCRC teams will advance to the championship event on April 18

April 18, 2015
Tennessee Rugby Park
Knoxville, TN

Eight (8) teams shall be eligible to compete in the SCRC Olympic Rugby Championship.  Teams shall earn points based on participation and results of the Sevens Series events. 15 pts shall be awarded to the highest finishing SCRC team, 14 to the second highest finishing team, etc. The best finishes from two events will be used to determine the point total for the teams. Any tie in points will be broken through evaluation of the finishes. The top eight (8) teams shall advance to the SCRC Championship Tournament on April 18.

Rank Determination
1. Total points from two tournaments
2. Single highest finish
3. Head to head record during the three events
4. Point differential of the head to head contests

Team must be compliant with USA Collegiate Eligibility Regulations and must forward eligibility documentation prior to the event. The conference must have a completed collegiate eligibility player form on file that has a spring semester date. Errors or omissions on this document could jeopardize eligibility of the entire team.  Prior to the first match of the day, a 15 man roster must be submitted with accompanying photo ID to verify each participant.

Teams are divided into two pools of four teams, who play a round-robin within the pool. Points are awarded in each pool on a different schedule from most rugby tournaments—3 for a win, 2 for a draw, 1 for a loss, 0 for a no-show. In case teams are tied after pool play, the tiebreakers are:

1.   Head-to-head result between the tied teams.

2.   Difference in points scored and allowed during pool play.

3.   Difference in tries scored and allowed during pool play.

4.   Points scored during pool play.

5.   Coin toss.

Four trophies are awarded in the championship tournament. In descending order of prestige, they are the Cup, whose winner is the overall tournament champion, Plate, Bowl and Shield.

A – 1, 4, 5, 8
B – 2, 3, 6, 7


9:00 AM               1 v 8
9:30 AM               4 v 5
10:00 AM             2 v 7
10:30 AM             3 v 6
11:00 AM             1 v 4
11:30 AM             5 v 8
12:00 PM             2 v 3
12:30 PM             6 v 7
1:00 PM                1 v 5
1:30 PM                4 v 8
2:00 PM                2 v 6
2:30 PM                3 v 7
3:30 PM                Bowl SF                 Bowl SF (2 fields in use)
4:00 PM                Cup SF                  Cup SF (2 fields in use)
4:30 PM                Shield Championship (losers of Bowl SF – 7th and 8th)
5:00 PM                Bowl Championship (winners of Bowl SF – 5th and 6th)
5:30 PM                Plate Championship (losers of Cup SF – 3rd and 4th)
6:00 PM                Cup Final (winners of Cup SF – 1st and 2nd)
Sunset: 8:12 PM